Philipp Rüttgers

Pianist, Composer

North Sea Jazz Composition Assignment 2018

“...a dreamy, almost cinematic mix of jazz and folk, with a touch of chamber music. The compositions are quite complex, well thought-out and remarkably rhythmically which convey the atmosphere of the various fairy tales.”
Draai om je oren - Ben Taffijn

What they say...

"Rüttgers is a pianist with an open mind who, as a player and as a composer, controls different genres and does not hesitate to use all that." Vera Vingerhoeds (NL)

"Rüttgers is not only a wonderful pianist but also a fine composer." Mattie Poels / Music Frames

"...Narrative and visual compositions. This is what the jazz musician Philipp Rüttgers is praised for..." Herman Spinhof, Arnhem Watching (NL)