Philipp Rüttgers

Pianist, Composer

European pianist and composer Philipp Rüttgers creates his own voice through a dedicated study of classical / improvised and contemporary music, emerging to a storyteller of a special kind.
He explores the possibilities of the digital and acoustic world, combining both to push his sound vision to the limit.
In 2018 he received the prestigious North Sea Jazz Festival Composition Assignment
"Rüttgers is a pianist with an open mind who, as a player and as a composer, controls different genres and does not hesitate to use all that." Vera Vingerhoeds (NL)

My name is Philipp Rüttgers and here you can find information about my music activities, my passion, my dreams, my composition works and I am very happy to share this with you.
First of all I love performing and composing music and do this as a profession. I am a studied piano player and share a great interest in genre crossing music. I also work with dans and visuals and love to work interdisciplinary. I believe in Art heeling our minds and bodys and see it as a basic pillar of our society.
Last year my Album “Twists of H.C. Andersens’s untaped Fairy Tales” was published by Zennez Records. The music was commissioned by the North Sea Jazz Festival composition assignment which I received in 2018. I put Andersen’s stories in a heavy metal, classical and improvised setting.
I also work in duo with the great viola player and improviser Oene van Geel. Check Native DSD / Just Listen Records for our latest release “Changing Landscapes”.
Recently I work more and more on compositions in the contemporary field and hope to do more of that in the future

Changing Landscapes

A new album by Oene van Geel and Philipp Rüttgers will be released June 2020