Philipp Rüttgers
Pianist. Composer. Improviser. Crossover Artist.

Foto: Merlijn Doomernik

Philipp has a gift expressing emotions of our everyday life through music, creating his very personal style of colours and sounds. Praised as a renewal mind of music, an excellent composer and a virtuosic but tender pianist, Philipp crosses different genres with ease propelling music to a guaranteed excitement. 

Born in Kreuzberg Berlin, based in Amsterdam, Philipp shapes his personal artistic voice as a professional piano player, composer and improviser in the field of jazz and contemporary music.

Awarded North Sea Jazz Composition Assignment
Funded by Fonds Podium Kunsten. Sena. Buma Stemra.

“Rüttgers’ compositions manage to match a sense of mystery with joyful excitement, and organic flow with strong structures….The improvisations highlight the rich and imaginative sonic palettes of Rüttgers”  Salt Peanuts – Eyal Hareuveni

“Across the board and very expressively, his acoustic piano trio excels with outstanding instrumentalists: Thomas Pol on double bass and Sun-Mi Hong on drums. They excellently underline Philipp Rüttgers’ abstract and idiosyncratic lyrical piano playing, which bears witness to a creative and personal vision of contemporary music, both classical and jazz.” Jazzhalo – Bernard Lefévre

“He is a musical discoverer who makes and writes music in an unconventional, surprising way, continually breaking new musical ground.” Jan van Leersum – Rootstime

“Rüttgers is a pianist with an open mind who, as a player and as a composer, controls different genres and does not hesitate to use all that.” Vera Vingerhoeds

“We are impressed by the large wealth of ideas and composing style of Rüttgers, which is colorful, dynamically varied and also has an interesting rhythm.” North Sea Jazz Festival Composition Assignment