TWISTS OF H.C. ANDERSEN’S UNTAPED FAIRY TALES. North Sea Jazz Composition Assignment 2018

The jury, consisting of Gijsbert Kamer (music journalist de Volkskrant), Cyriel Pluimakers (jazz programmer and a delegate for the VIP), and Kim Bloem (programmer North Sea Jazz), was unanimous in selecting Rüttgers for the Composition Assignment for this year.
“We are impressed by the large wealth of ideas and composing style of Rüttgers, which is colorful, dynamically varied and also has an interesting rhythm.”

For the Composition Assignment Rüttgers will take the listener to revisit fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, giving them voice in a composition entitled Twists Of H.C. Andersen’s Untaped Fairy Tales. He will perform with a totally new quintet consisting of musicians with varied backgrounds in jazz, classical, improv, electronic, and Indian music.

Heidi Heidelberg (vocals, voice, guitar,electronics)
Oene van Geel (viola, vocals)
Jörg Brinkmann (cello, electronics)
Philipp Rüttgers (piano, synthesizers, microphonic soundbox, composition)
Mark Schilders (drums, percussion, electronics)


He has a gift expressing emotions of our everyday life through music, creating his very personal style of colours and sounds. Praised as a renewal mind of music, an excellent composer and a virtuosic but tender pianist, Philipp crosses different genres with ease propelling music to a guaranteed excitement.

“I aim to express the frustrations, uncertainties, and the inner fight between ourselves, our brain, our body and our surroundings, while also showing the positiveness and joy in our lives. Comprehending the numerous deficiencies of our society is a task we all have to engage willingly or unwillingly. I create music and hope to contribute this way to a better place” he explained.

Philipp recorded through the last years ten CD's and two Vinyls and is beside his own Music Laboratory active with the KA MA Quartet + Nippy Noya, The Cronometers Orchestra and leader of the Phat Cool Big Band. Those collaborations led him to perform at major stages in Holland like the North Sea Jazz Festival, Bimhuis, Jazz in Duketown, Jazz International Rotterdam / Nijmegen or in Germany the A-Trane, Unterfahrt, and Jazzahead.

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Phil's Music Laboratory

takes you on a journey through the abysses and pearls of our society

New CD available

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New Album available

The new album “Repetitive Mind” presents a challenge full of references to the state of our current society. Knowing that we live in a special time and belonging to generation Y, Philipp tries to comprehend questions such as “the gap between the rich and the poor”, “the environment” and “empathy”.

Instead of looking for a straightforward answer, he researches for emotions present in our everyday world. Philipp aims to express the frustrations, uncertainties, and the inner fight between ourselves and our brain, while also showing the positiveness and joy in our lives.

While composing Philipp wrote these emotions into music and created a very personal and unique world of sounds for his Music Lab. Every composition tells a story without words. Titles as “Rage”, “Ambiguous times”, “Changing Landscapes” refer to politics and environment, while “The Agile Mountain Goat” takes a deep bow to mother nature.

Miguel Boelens - Alto / Soprano Sax, Nils van Haften - Tenor Sax / Basklarinet , Allison Philips - Trumpet , Kobi Arditi - Trombone , Philipp Rüttgers - Piano / Composition , Tobias Nijboer - Doublebass , Felix Schlarmann - Drums


...Eventually, the power of Repetitive Mind becomes clear. A total album that encounters the frustrations of our current society (poor-rich, environment, uncertainty) are truly translated into complex but accessible arrangements....
Erno Elsinga, Jazzenzo

...all solos are of high level. Also rhythmically there is much to enjoy... Hopefully there will be more of this band...
Ken Vos, Jazzism ****

...The septet sounds like a unit. Compact horns, firmly supported by piano and rhythm section, beautifully arranged with dynamic solos...
Mattie Poels, Musicframes

...great ingenious and well played and arranged pieces, chapeau!...
Jeroen van Vliet, Boy Edgar Prijs Winnaar

... the group has its own unmistakable sound...
Hans Invernizzi, Jazzflits

...Narrative and visual compositions. This is what the jazz musician Philipp Rüttgers from Arnhem (NL) is praised for...
Herman Spinhof, Arnhem Watching (NL)